how Traveling Sol will Benefit you
Besides the irreversible damage, exposure to the sun has, on your delicate skin, a custom, 100% organic, airbrushed tan is always the better choice. 
  1. Always have a healthy glow.
    Always have a healthy glow.
    Nothing complements a wardrobe like a natural looking tan! Co-workers will think you spent the weekend at the beach. We will custom airbrush your skin with our formula that works with your skin's natural melanin. Our tanning blend is designed to ensure that you obtain the perfect shade, specific to you, every time.
  2. Show off your hard work.
    Show off your hard work.
    Spend a dedicated amount of time at the gym and want to compliment your hard earned, new look? A deep, dark bronze will help create shadows to further define any fit physique. Tanning is a tool that many bodybuilders and fitness models use to enhance their own definition for competitions or personal satisfaction.
  3. Avoid exposure to harmful rays.
    Avoid exposure to harmful rays.
    Avoid premature aging, sun spots and skin cancer. Our service will also prevent unwanted tan lines and sunburns. Besides the sun damage inflicted on your delicate skin, you wouldn't want to get caught with obvious tan lines when trying to wear that perfect dress or outfit. Our skin is constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun, especially at the beach or pool. Traveling Sol's proprietary blend will bathe your skin in an organic, paraben-free mist.
  4. Shine for your special occasion.
    Shine for your special occasion.
    Everybody wants to look their best for their special occasion. Brides, grooms, pageant contestants, models and all entertainers alike will benefit from looking sun-kissed and feeling their best when they perform. Let your inner princess or prince shine through with Traveling Sol!
  5. It won't hurt your custom ink job.
    It won't hurt your custom ink job.
    Repeat exposure to the sun and it's harmful rays will damage your custom body art. Sunlight leads to fading which is a real good way to ruin your tattoo. Our tanning formula works with your skin's own pigment, only penetrating the top layers to color it temporarily. It will not affect a tattoo. Your tan will fade naturally, leaving your ink untouched.
  6. Tan on your time.
    Tan on your time.
    Your time is valuable. Schedule your tanning sessions to fit your calendar. Tanning sessions are by appointment only so this enables us to customize your experience according to your agenda. Traveling Sol brings your perfect tan to you, for your convenience, further saving you time and gas money.
  7. Safe for you and your baby.
    Safe for you and your baby.
    Our tanning solution is made with three organic tanning agents. It is not harmful because it only works with what you already have, naturally. It works with your own unique skin tone, enhancing your skin's own pigment to ensure you do not turn orange, leaving your skin conditioned with a sweet smell.
  8. Look better naked.
    Look better naked.
    Studies have found that many women feel that having glowing, luminous skin makes them look more 'attractive', feel more 'confident' and 'slimmer'. Who doesn't want to feel sexier in their birthday suit? Traveling Sol can help you erase your unwanted tan lines for a sexy uniform bronze, perfect for all occasions...or we can help you create the perfect bikini or g-string tan line for show.
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